Flying Flowercards

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The goal of game is to arrange the cards in descending order and move to the upper 4 cardcollector. The cards can be moved separately or combined into the collectors.

At the beginning of the game, the collectors are empty, you can move any color in any container. You can play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 packs of cards. 

StartPicture en

To move a card, tap it and drag your finger in the desired direction. From the card starts a line (usually red, but when paired with a right card it turns green). The line will run until an other card or it hit the wall. Colliding with the wall the line will be reflected. There are 5 possible reflections.

Greenline en
Redline en

By lifting up your finger you can start the moving of the card. The card moves along the previously shown (red or green) line.

Collided with a right card, the two cards are united, showing the minimum and maximum values of cards in the pack. If the card collided with a non-compliant card, it returns to the original position without point loss.

Two cards will be matched if their values are adjacent and have the same color.

Examples of adjacent values:

  • 4 and 5 ->OK
  • 4-5-6 and 2-3 ->OK
  • 9-10-J-D and K ->OK
  • J-D-K can be moved to any empty collector
  • J can be moved only to the collector with cards D-K of the same color.
  • In case of 2 or more packages A and K can be paired too. In case of 2 packs 1 AK pair is possible, by 3 packs 2, and in case of 4 packs 3 A and K can be paired.
CardA K 2pkg
CardA K 3pkg
CardA K 4pkg

For games with more than one package, the program will show small numbers on the cards, depending on which package the card belongs to. If a card can belong to any packet, there is no indicator number. If you play with 2 packages, an AK pair looks like . If you play with 3 packages, an AK pair looks like   (A3K2 or A2K1). This means that A may belong to the top (3rd) or middle (2), and K to the middle (2) or the lowest (1) pack. In case of 4 packages, the AK pair looks like   (A4K3 or A3K2 or A2K1).

Card4 Q 2pkg
CardK 10 2pkg

Eg.  = 432AKQ. For games with two packages, the 432A is in the top (2.) package and the KQ is in the lower (1.) package. The above card also means that the other K can only be in the top package, so if you have a KQJ10 serie of blue, this can be only at the top package: . The program is careful not to connect cards belonging to different packages. If you try to do this, you will have a red line. In rare cases it may occur, despite the green line, the cards can not be connect and the game becomes unfinishable. To prevent this, the program automatically generates an undo.

The value of a moving cardpackage is the sum of all cards in the package. moving cards on the package. For example, if a card package with K-Q-J-10, this package has a value 13 (K) + 12 (Q) + 11 (J) + 10 = 46. This value is added to the score of player at every reflection, as well as at the collision with the target card. So if in the above example the K-Q-J-10 package after 4 reflections collides with the card 9, the score of the player is increased with 5 * 46 = 230 . If the resulting package (value is 46 + 9 = 55) after 3 reflections collides with the card 8, then another 4 * 55 = 220 points increases your score and the package has a value 63.

When the game is finished (all cards are moved to the top collectors)

Gameended en

a Congratulations picture will be displayed, which will show the level, the number of packs, the format, the gamenumber and time of the playing game and the Start menu below it.

Congratulation en

The game consists of 26 levels, each level with 1, 2, 3 or 4 packs, so there are a total of 104 different game formats available. 9999 different games per game format can be played. The total number of possible variations is 104 x 10000 = 1.040.000.

Format of the game field at each level:


At the top of the screen you can see the following information:

Infosheet EN

   Line 1:

Game: The current game number
Format: format of the actual playing field
Package: Number of packages
Level: the current level

   Line 2: Header ==> Who Name Time Score Cards

   Line 3:

Who ==> Player
Name ==> Player name
Time ==> time elapsed since launch
Score ==> the sum of the points you have earned so far
Cards: ==> number of remaining cards

  Line 4: (optional, only for race):

Who ==> Opponent
Name ==> The opponent’s name
Time ==> time elapsed since launch
Score ==> the amount of points that the opponent has earned so far
Cards: ==> the number of remaining cards of the opponent

The buttons at the bottom of the screen:


  Settings menu

– Players list

            – You can enter the name of the player.

            – Click on the + sign, you can add a new player (8 max).


    – Click on the  sign, you can change the name of this player 


    – Click on the sign, you can remove this player together with his data.

    – Click on the player’s name, you can select it for further games.

    – Click on the sign “<” on the top line, you go back to the settings

– Background sound volume

– Music volume

– Choose Language. Currently the app supports the following languages:

               – English

               – German

               – Hungarian

               – Russian

– Statistics

– Back


  Start menu

– Play again (restart the last game) 

– New game

– Competition (appears only, if another player is playing on an iPad or iPhone in the same WiFi or Bluetooth network)

– Previous level (only from the 2nd level)

– Next Level (only below the 7th level)

– Cancel (closes the Start menu)


  Card deck (isn’t a button). The number on it shows the number of remaining cards)


  Help – shows this help text from the homepage of developer


  Tips (the number on the button shows the number of possible moves). Each time you touch the button, you can see a possible step with green lines. The cards in the tip are flashing.


  Undo the last step. Any number of undos are allowed.

The race course:

  • If more active player are available, then the App lists the names of the available players, from which you can select the desired opponent.
  • On the device of selected opponent appears the following message:

           <opponent name> want to play with you

  • The choosed opponent can answer with OK or Cancel.
  • If the answer is OK, the same game starts on both devices
  • In competition mode, each player’s current score and remaining card number will be displayed under each other.
  • When a player finishes the game (all cards inserted into the collectors), the score achieved receive +10% as a reward.
  • Finaly the app compares the scores, the winner has more points. In case of equal scores the winner is, who finished the game.