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Compose words from 1, 2 or 3 letter fragments below the game board!

The game has 2 different modes: “Collect-Words” and “Use-Fixed-Letters”.
In both modes: select the appropriate letters from the letters located under the playing field, touch to rotate to the desired direction and drag to the desired position on the playing field. Letters placed in this way are red.

Red letters can be freely moved to any free place on the playing field. To move, simply swipe your finger horizontally or vertically over the letters you want to move, then move your finger to an empty field to enable the move mode, and then drag the selected letters to any place. The selected letters are blue. If one of the moving letters moves over an other, the color changes to dark red. If at raising your finger any letters are dark red, the letters will return to their original position, otherwise they will remain in the new position.

The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible while completing the task:

  • In case of the game “Collect-Words”, collect a predefined number of different words
  • In the case of the game “Use-Fixed-Letters”, use a predefined number of fixed letters.

When the task is completed, you can choose:

  • continue the game with new task
  • finish the game and start a new one

The marking of words is very simple: on the playing field, touch the first letter of the word that you want to select, and then slide your finger over the other letters of the word. Raise your finger above the last letter of the word. The application will check if there is such a word in its dictionary. If so, the word is accepted and will receive a green color. If the selected word is not recognized by the game, the letters of the word will flash red three times. The game gives points for the accepted words: 2 letters – 0 points, 3 – 10, 4 – 50, 5 – 100, etc.

When choosing words, the direction of the letters can be arbitrary. If there is no space left for further letters on the playing field, the “New Game” button will change to “New Round” and begin to flash in different colours.

In this case, you have several options:
  • if there are still empty places on the playing field, but they do not adjoin each other, you can rearrange the red letters to make room for additional fragments of words.
  • find and mark further words on the playing field (you become bonus points for reusing green letters!)
  • start a new round using the “New Circle” button. When you click the New Circle button, green letters are removed from the playing field using a spectacular animation, while red letters and unused fixed letters remain in place.

Rules of the game:
  • the game accepts only singular nouns
  • words can be selected in any direction, but the selected word must not intersect itself
  • identical words must not contain common letters
  • in the case of the game “Use-Fixed-Letters”, the rules of giving points change: each fixed letter and each round doubles the points per word. For example, a five-letter word usually gets 100 points. If the word contains two fixed letters, the word gets 300 points. In the second round, the same word gets 400 points.

Useful Tips:
  • pay attention to words that make sense in both directions (for example, dap / pad)
  • there are many words, parts of which are also meaningful words (automation / automat / auto)
  • you should use the same letters in as many words as possible, as this will give you valuable reward points. This is especially true with Fixed Letter games.

Detailed description of the game

The first time you start the game, the following window will appear:

  • Selecting the point “Connect to Game Center”, the game will switch to Game Center. If this is the first time the player has joined the game center, you’ll need to sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Selecting “Ask me later”, the next time the game starts, the window will reappear.
  • Selecting “Ask me no more”, the window will no more appear.

The screen of the game consists of three parts:


  • Line 1: Contains the number of the current round and the time elapsed so far
  • Line 2: Shows the status of the task to be performed:
    • In case of “Collect-Words” shows the number of words collected so far in the game
    • In case of “Use-Fixed-Letters” shows the number of fixed letters used so far
  • Line 3: Shows the score and name of the best player in the Game Center
  • Line 4: Shows the rank of current game in the Game Center, the current score and the name of the player playing this game
  • Line 5: Shows the position of the current game among the local games and the mode of the game (Collect-Words or Use-Fixed-Letters)
  • Line 6: This is a button to switch between game modes. The button labeled the name of the game to which the button switches (“Fixed Letter Game” or “Matching Game”) – is exactly the opposite of the game mode, displayed in the Line 5. If you change the game mode, the current game is saved and you can return to the game at any time.

There are 6 more buttons in the header:

  • : returns to the main menu when the button is touched (the current game is saved)
  • , : turns the background music of the game on or off (the picture on the button always shows the current state)
  • : undo last action
  • :The button label changes depending on the current situation:
    • If there are any empty spaces on the game board, the caption is “New Game”. Touching the button starts a new game. The current game is saved. Before the game starts, you can choose how many words you want to collect (“Collect-Words” game) or how many fixed letters we want to use (“Use-Fixed-Letters” game)
    • If there is no space left on the game board for additional letters, but there are already created words (in green), the button will be labeled “New Round”. When you touch the button, the green letters fly out of the game board and a new round begins.
    • If there is no space left on the game board for additional letters and there are no words created in this round (in green), the button will be labeled “Finish”. Touching the button will end the game and start a new game.
  • : Touching the button will open a new window with a list of the words you have created so far, the length of the words and the score for the word.
  • : Start searching of Words
Searching of Words:

This is a very useful feature! When you press the button above the upper right corner of the playing field, the entire game board will be moved down and a new window will open with 5 buttons below it:

  • : Stops searching words)
  • ?: any letter on this place is suitable
  • *: any letters (one or more) on this place are suitable
  • : deletes the last letter of the searching word
  • , sorting the result in ascending or descending order by word length

Using the letters of the game board as well ? and * you can create a search word.


Click to complete the search.

At the beginning of the “Collect-Words” game, the playing field is completely empty, and in the case of the “Fixed-Letters” game, 8 purple letters (fixed letters) appear. The number of fixed letters depends on the current circle: circle 1: 8 purple letters, circle 2: 9 …, circle 24: 31. Starting from the 25th circle, the number of purple letters remains 32. The purple fixed letters appear in completely random, but symmetrical places on the playing field. If there are fixed letters from the previous circle, they will remain in place, as many fixed letters will be added as required to achieve the required number in the current circle.

Colours of the playing field:

  • white: free position
  • red: unused letters, they can be freely moved on the game board
  • green: this letter is used in one or more words. The number in the lower right corner of the letter indicates the number of words, using this letter.
  • purple-green: a fixed letter used in one or more words.
  • gold color: Displays words containing a selected letter

When you touch any green or purple-green letter, all the words that use the selected letter turn gold and this words also appear in a pop-up window:

Foot Part

  • Use the button on the left side of the foot part to scroll through the games with higher scores. This button cannot be used for the game with highest score .
  • Use the button on the right side of the foot part to scroll through the games with lower scores. This button cannot be used for the game with the lowest score.
  • In the center of the foot part there are three groups of letters of 1, 2 or 3 letters which can be rotated in the appropriate direction by touching. Tap a group of letters to drag it to any position on the game board.

As mentioned earlier, the button returns to the main menu.

The main menu

  • Game: resume the last game played
  • Best result: This menu item only appears if you have previously connected to the Game Center. This menu item displays the list of top players.

Below the list are 3 buttons:

  • Choose a table: Here you can choose between the results of “Collect-Words” game or “Use-Fix-Letters” game
  • Choose a time range: All, Week, Today
  • Back: Returns to the main menu
  • Choose language: The game knows 4 languages: English, German, Hungarian, Russian. Each language stores the games started so you can play multiple languages at the same time. Excellent for language learning / practice.
  • Show Demo Game: An animation displays a welcome screen where you can launch the desired Demo game using the “Collect-Words” or “Use-Fixed-Letters” buttons. Use the “Later” button to delay the presentation.

Have fun!